Virtual Private Servers

Our plans are completely customisable, ensuring you only pay for what you use

Dedicated RAM

All VPSs are provided with 100% dedicated RAM with none shared

Australian Servers

All servers are located in our Melbourne data centre

Fast Setup

Your VPS will generally be up and running within 60 minutes

Managed Firewall

Filter out unwanted traffic at the hardware level before it reaches your server

Raid SSD Storage

Storage is fast, 100% RAID storage which is over 100x faster than SAS or SATA

Self-Healing Failover

If the physical server your VPS is on fails, our systems automatically get you back up and running

Guaranteed CPU Share

Our systems ensure that all VPSs get guaranteed share of CPU cycles

Dedicated IP Address

All services include a dedicated IP address with more available to order

Tier-1 Bandwidth

Fast and redundant bandwidth is supplied by premium suppliers

Operating Systems

Your choice of industry tested operating systems.







VPS a bit too much?

Head over to our shared hosting plans for something a little more subtle.